Concrete Repair Portland

Concrete Repair in Portland

Concrete Repair Portland
Bridgeport Concrete Leveling LLC is your best choice for concrete repair in Portland OR. Our team of experts is versed in every part of concrete repair from simple concrete restoration, to massive foundation reconstructions. Concrete repair is tough; it requires experience, dedication, and craftsmanship to do well. With over 12 years of experience, you can bet we know what we’re doing. That’s why when you call on us for your concrete repair needs, you’re getting the best in the business.

We offer a host of services that are guaranteed to get your concrete leveled and looking like new:

  • Sunken Concrete – When concrete surfaces become misaligned they pose a risk to anyone who walks on them, causing injury to family and strangers alike. We know all the tricks of the trade and we’ll have you walking safely and upright in no time.
  • Driveways and Garages – In addition to unnecessary tire wear, untreated splits in a driveway or garage can easily spread to the foundation of your house. We’ll stop them in their tracks with our expert concrete repair and keep you from bearing the cost of expensive repairs down the road.
  • Sidewalks and Stairs – Stairs are already precarious and sidewalks are used by children and the elderly every day. Make sure you’ve got the best sidewalk repair on the block, and let us fix your stairways so that everyone gets inside safely.
  • MudjackingMudjacking is a cost-effective method that lifts sinking concrete and restores it to an even surface.
  • Slab JackingSlab jacking services can improve the look and the structure of your concrete.

Affordable and Fast Concrete Repair in Portland OR

Concrete Repair Portland Oregon
We value your time as much as you do, and that’s why our service is fast and affordable. Our company isn’t like other services from a concrete contractor in Portland, OR. When they tear it out, we say lift it up. By avoiding tear-outs and replacements we avoid the high cost of associated with these services as well. So not only do you get a fully usable and restored concrete surface in 24 hours or less, you get more money in your pocket.

Don’t believe us? Just look at these before and after images. All done with the existing concrete.

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